Some consider 7 a lucky number, but what is luck? “When it comes to being lucky, she’s cursed.” — Cat Stevens. The last 7 months have been a debt filled torture. 7 also symbolizes change and according to ridingthebeast.com, closure and positive renewal. So is that why suddenly I’m in a good place, mentally? Maybe it’s because I’ve never worked so hard for so very little ever in my life. To make a long story short, I took a part-time job in December at $10 an hour. Minimum wage went up to $11.50 (San Diego City) 1/1/17 and it was March before I was paid that. March was the first of two straight months that we would be paid late. Only paid once a month on the 1st, we waited TEN days before we ever saw our checks. Come April, FOUR days late. My entire check being enough to cover only rent (excluding utilities) and my phone bill. My food stamps were cut down $100 and my mom was amazing at making sure I didn’t  go hungry. The last three months were spent actively sending out resumes and scoring interviews that just didn’t produce anything further. So when I had the opportunity to return to my former company of eight years, I was hesitant but curious. It has been a tough secret to keep because my superstitious ways (I was told this is why I have bad luck) of talking positively about something not yet set in stone, got the better of me. Even after accepting the offer, I waited to give notice to my current employer until both my urine and TB screenings came back negative. I am beyond prepared and excited to begin a fresh start with old friends. During the time I was not working full-time I was fortunate enough to establish with a new therapist, who is wonderful. Medications were, as I recently found out, incorrectly increased. Although they helped a little. Depression is a funny thing. Most often, chronic, it arrives without warning and can linger for days, making its departure well known as it slowly sucks the breath from you. Breathless was how I spent most of those 7 months. Until I took care of myself. After all, that was my reason for originally working part-time. I was mentally exhausted. Today I am mentally clean. I am needing to be out of the house five days a week. I am ready to have a stable income and my life back. So I guess maybe 7 is lucky after all. 7, the symbol of change and positive renewal. Here’s to everyone finding their 7.



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