A black hole – Dawn’s story

I once watched a Stephen Hawking video where he discussed black holes and quantum mechanics. My brain had trouble grasping some of those concepts. But I’m smart in other ways. College degrees, a 35 year medical career, a history of quite an adventuresome life in these last 50-some years…and even street smart. I’ve weathered many […]


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The withdrawal curse.

Hi friends, In recent months my psychiatrist has been mentioning weaning me off my Effexor. Not completely, but hopes it will help with some of the side effects I’ve been living with like the horrendous night sweats. This plan has been implemented mostly because I am now on Abilify for my moods. The higher strength […]

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Suicide and legal liability.

When the act of murder is committed, the victim’s family rightfully seeks answers and justice. What about when a family loses someone to suicide? Depending on the circumstances, they may expect the same. Who’s to blame if blame is even necessary, when someone takes their own life? Can someone else be held accountable? Many loved ones […]

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Leave something good behind.

On Friday, I was fifteen minutes from leaving to meet my new primary care physician, when I found a few seconds to check the Facebook news feed which lead to the news that Anthony Bourdain was the latest to die from suicide. His death followed just days after designer Kate Spade’s. While Spade’s was shocking, […]

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Walking for mental health.

As a a small attempt at promoting the blog along with my mother and sister, we walked over three miles in support of NAMI, also knows as the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It was more than self promotion, rather than networking. More importantly, it was about standing up for mental health advocacy. As followers […]

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