Living with Schizoaffective Depressive Disorder – Jeremiah’s story

September of 2019 was the start of the overwhelming audio and visual delusions. I had experienced manic episodes and psychotic reactions to things in my life due to trauma and the environment I was raised in from an early age. However my parents never tried to get me medical attention and my illness gradually worsened over the years. I was 20 years old and I had gotten fired from my gas station clerk job for having an episode on the job. I started to walk off In the woods  barefoot and faded visuals of jumping in front of cars and after my first admission into a mental institution I eventually stepped in front of a train and was admitted involuntarily. Ever since my diagnoses I have also struggled with battling an eating disorder and self abuse. I still struggle but I just wanted to say to anyone reading this, I LOVE YOU AND IM PRAYING FOR YOU DAILY, I KNOW ITS HARD BUT WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.


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