Transformation – Chloe’s story

Screenshot_20200426-114500_GoogleI was going to college when I was 19 years old just like any other girl I was curious about boys, parties and fun.  It was during this time that I started to break out with acne. I went a long time suffering with skin infections for years so a doctor  prescribed me Accutane. I was reluctant to take the medicine at first because it had some side effects; some very serious side effects that I did not yet understand. One day I took the medication and I didn’t yet realize that that was the end of my life how I had come to know it. By the end of the pack I had become sick and psychotic.  I was just nineteen. I didn’t know about bad medications then and I didn’t know it would effect me for the rest of my life.  I was placed in the hospital many times and even underwent electro convulsive therapy, it was all very tragic scary and painful.  There was a time I thought I would get better, but I’ve mostly given up on that dream.  I’ve transformed, I’m a different character entirely now but I do have things in my life that bring much happiness. My mom would do anything to help me and loves me very much.  I also am going to school and enjoying it.  Though people have been uneducated about what happened to me labeling, me schizo and weird, I know I am a winner because I survived.


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